Silva, 2024. Installation and live performance. Fabric, filling, rope, flowers, brances. Curated by Trascendanza_ets. Photos by Elena Tredici.



Silva. Jessica Moroni. At Solenoide_magnetico, Foligno (PG). 19.05.2024

Animals and trees teach us not to know,
to tolerate being in the world without the obsession of understanding.
Chandra Candiani, Questo immenso non sapere


SILVA is an impressive green fabric installation, standing 4 meters tall, hanging from the ceiling like a giant pod. Its small pockets, resembling little chests, hold flowers and plants.
During a public performance, I carefully insert branches and flowers into the pockets, gradually transforming Silva into a living artwork that celebrates the encounter with nature.

SILVA was created for the first edition of Solenoide, a performing arts event organized by the collective Trascendanza_ets.

Watch the video of the performance: